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Is there a Resident Evil 3 Remake New Game Plus mode?

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New Game+ has become more of a fixture in modern games, including remakes, and players are getting used to the idea of taking on harder versions of the games they enjoy. The idea is that players carry forward their gear and skill upgrades into a new version of the same video game where enemies are tougher, loot is harder to come by, and the whole affair is harder.

Resident Evil 3 Remake is a pretty short game on its own, and hardcore fans of the franchise and the original game can breeze through it no problem. But it’s not a zombie action game or an RPG. There are no skill trees or better weapons and gear. You just have your own ingenuity, some basic weapons, and a horde of zombies.

The game only takes about 10-15 hours to complete fully, and that’s with going around looking for all the weapons and collectibles. Players who become familiar with the puzzles and enemies can go through it much quicker. So that begs the question, is there a Resident Evil 3 Remake New Game Plus mode?

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Sadly no, there is no New Game Plus mode in the remake. You can restart your game, and choose to carry forward some of your gear upgrades. There’s a trick to unlocking these though. Infinite ammo, new weapons and other addons are unlocked through the Shop section via the main menu. You earn the P currency to buy upgrades here by completing various in-game challenges.

To make these upgrades worth it, Capcom has put various difficulty options into the game. The Assisted Difficulty mode is a training mode, and there are also Normal and Hardocre options which ratchet up the enemy spawns and health, as well as making ammo less plentiful. Two higher difficulties, Nightmare and Inferno, are even more challenging and are meant for experienced players.

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