Where to find the Golden Epitaph in Elden Ring

Where to Find the Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a great many items that can be found throughout its massive world. As you get your hands on more items and improve your builds, there’s a lot more potential to uncover. You can uncover powerful weapons and Talismans to take on tougher fights. These items can be fundamental in building a unique character. And sometimes, they can be vital to keeping you in the fight.

The Golden Epitaph Straight Sword triggers a unique ability called Last Rite. It lasts for 45 seconds, and entails a special bonus. This skill gives Sacred Order to yourself and allies in the vicinity. That will therefore boost the damage you deal to undead targets. You can use this and then swap to a new weapon, as the buff applies to the player. So if you’re going into a zone with a lot of undead, this could be a handy thing to bring along if you don’t have another source of a similar buff. It’s a 10% damage buff, so not all that bad.

You can’t improve its base stats with either Magic or Consumables. You can apply Somber Smithing Stones to get the weapon to a +10 state for more damage. So that’s nice. The weapon buff only applies to weapon attacks, so keep that in mind as well. Here is where you can find the Golden Epitaph sword in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Golden Epitaph in Elden Ring

The item can be looted off of a corpse found within Auriza Hero’s Grave. You can find this dungeon in the northern part of the map in the Altus Plateau.

Where to find the Golden Epitaph in Elden Ring

You’ll need to use the Stonesword Key on the Imp Statue to dispel the barrier blocking the entrance of the room where the body can be found.

If you’re playing and enjoying the game, good for you! You might have questions though, so we have some guides to help you out. When making a character, picking the right class is important. Figure out how to level up your character once you’re in the game. From there, you might want to learn how to upgrade gear, or maybe how to find powerful weapons, like the Meteorite Staff. Or perhaps you’re a melee player and want that shiny new Rivers of Blood katana to hack away with? There are also tons of crafting jobs to be done, like making multiple types of arrows. And if you’re pursuing ranged upgrades, the Arrow’s Reach Talisman might be a great get.

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