How to heal colonists in Rimworld Console Edition


Rimworld is a game that loves to cause you pain. The amount of nonsense and chaos that the AI storytellers throw at the player are a huge amount of both fun and irritation. And when trying to keep these weird little pawns in your colony alive, you’re going to struggle.  And with the new Rimworld Console Edition, there’s a new layer of minutia to learn.

At times, your colonists will get injured. And that’s where the Doctor job comes in. Pawns will try to rescue downed pawns when they fall in battle. And then, once the injured colonist is safely tucked into  a medical bed, you can begin treating them. Keep reading to learn more about how to heal colonists in Rimworld Console Edition.

How to heal colonists in Rimworld Console Edition

To heal your colonists in Rimworld Console Edition, you need first to construct a bed. Select the Orders button to order a bed under Furniture. Set a bed in a separate room from the main bedroom, and designate it as a Medical bed. You can do this by selecting the finished bed, then clicking the toggle for Medical. By clicking on this option, you’ll turn the bed blue and designate it as the place where all colonists can receive medical treatment. Keep in mind that colonists who are slaves or prisoners need their own medical beds. So if you plan to keep those pawns long-term, build extra beds and designate them as medical variants.

The Doctor job is a key part of all this. The more skilled the colonist in treating an injury, the better the result. Also, the quality of the medicine has a minor impact. Herbal Medicine will do for basic injuries, but more advanced surgeries and dangerous wounds are a huge problem. You may need Glitterworld medicine for that stuff. You will want to try and get some of that when you find it, although it will be very expensive. Keep it in your freezer for long-term storage, to keep it from spoiling.

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You will want to set your colonist with the highest Doctor skill to have that job as their highest priority, that way they will rush over to grab any downed pawns. You can also manually order a doctor to prioritize treating a downed colonist by selecting the pawn with the job assigned, then clicking the downed colonist.

Also, all colonists are flagged for Bed Rest by default, making it a bit easier to handle healing them. Also, if you flag a colonist for a medical operation via the menu, they will be taken to an open medical bed to begin the operation.

Severe injuries may require an operation. These can only be performed by skilled colonists, as they can go very wrong if done improperly.

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