How to Get the Heartshadow Sword in Destiny 2

How to get Deepsight Resonance weapons in Destiny 2

The Heartshadow is a brand new Exotic Sword in Destiny 2, and it’s a weapon that players should try to get as soon as possible. It’s genuinely a great weapon to have for many builds. Melee weapons are a huge way of clearing groups of enemies.

By default, Heartshadow’s two unique traits make it one of the best swords in the game. Exhumation gives the weapon a way to stealth their shots, as it makes players invisible while firing exploding Void projectiles whenever heavy attacks are made with full Sword energy. The other trait is Shot in the Dark, it synergizes quite well. While you remain invisible, you get a bet of a DPS buff. This trait also applies a debuff to targets that makes them weaker to incoming damage.

Down below you can see the full stats of Heartshadow Sword in Destiny 2:

  • Impact: 64
  • Swing Speed: 40
  • Charge Rate: 35
  • Guard Resistance: 100
  • Guard Efficiency: 100
  • Guard Endurance: 0
  • Ammo Capacity: 50

How to Get the Heartshadow Sword in Destiny 2

The Heartshadow Sword in Destiny 2 was introduced as part of the new Duality Dungeon. The Heartshadow Exotic Sword is only available by completing the final encounter of the new Duality Dungeon in Destiny 2. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s possible with the right group and gear setup. here is a small chance you might not get the sword, but running it more than once should get you the gear you want.

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Beyond getting the weapon, you also want to grab that powerful catalyst. Leveling up the weapon will unlock the Wraithwalk perk, further improving the damage and potential of this weapon.

Once you get the weapon itself, you can try to get the catalyst. Once one player has the sword unlocked, all fireteam members will be able to fight three Nightmare enemies that are key to getting the catalyst. Each defeated Nightmare will spawn an essence, which then has to be deposited in a set location in the dungeon itself. Once you defeat each of the three Nightmares, and deposit the final essence, you will be able to unlock the Heartshadow Catalyst in Destiny 2.

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