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How to get Necrathene and Stellated Necrathene in Warframe

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Necrathene and Stellated Necrathene are two of the many new resources added out in the Cambion Drift in Heart of Deimos. Stellated Necrathene is the version of the resources that comes from the processing of Necrathene with the Foundry. It takes six raw Necrathene and 1,000 Credits to craft one Stellated Necrathene. But first, you need to get your blueprints and the raw resources in order.

To unlock the crafting recipe, you first have to purchase a blueprint from Otak at the Necralisk on Deimos for 4,000 Standing. You will have to complete Bounties and tasks until you get to the rank of  Acquaintance with the Entrati Syndicate. Here are the basics of Tokens, which can be traded in for Standing:

  • Otak Tokens – exchange gems and alloys obtained through mining for these tokens – 100 Standing
  • Mother Tokens – completing bounties for Mother – 100 Standing (this is by far the best Token to spend on upping your Standing)
  • Father Tokens – can be earned by trading assorted resources found on Cambion Drift to Father under the Parts Requisition option when you speak with him – 100 Standing
  • Daughter Tokens – can be earned through fishing on Cambion Drift – 100 Standing
  • Son Tokens – these can be earned by conserving animals on Cambion Drift – 500 Standing
  • Grandmother Tokens – you can trade Grandmother a selection of lesser tokens for a Grandmother Token, worth 1500 Standing.

Just farm and turn in these Tokens to get to the second rank to unlock and buy the recipe. Now you’re ready to get started farming both Necrathene and Stellated Necrathene.

Mining is the best way to get your hands on the raw resources. Look out for the blue mineral spawns out in the Cambion Drift, these have a chance to spawn the Necrathene you’re after. It doesn’t appear to matter what kind of mining tool you use, as the low drop chance is really low. Some reports have suggested that only using the Sunpoint tool will boost it.

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Pylons to Speed up Farming

To get Necrathene and Stellated Necrathene you will need to activate certain Requiem Pylons. These Pylons need to be turned on to get certain resources to drop or enemies to spawn, and there is a specific combination you want to have for Necrathene to spawn effectively.

Check the list below to see what Pylons you need, as well as what they look like so you can be sure you have the right ones. When you have these activated and lure enemies into their range, you will want to kill them while they are under the effect to get the maximum drops. There aren’t technically any Pylon effects that are required, these will just speed up the process. So lure enemies in and start hitting them with your Amp.

  • Krha – Slows nearby enemies. Kill enemies who are slowed with your amp.
  • Ris – Blinds nearby enemies. Kill enemies who are blinded with your amp.
  • Vome – Tethers enemies to the tower. Kill them with your amp for drops.
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