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Monster Hunter Rise already sells 4 million copies

Is there multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise?

The newest smash-hit Switch video game has already smashed into a strong sales position. Monster Hunter Rise has already shipped around 4 million units worldwide in less than three days from launch, the developer has announced.

The game selling this many copies means that it’s on its way to eclipsing World in total sales. The portability of the Switch is going to see Monster Hunter Rise sales explode internationally.  And despite shipping issues for many users and retailers, the game is only going to do better from here.

To contrast this with the previous game, Monster Hunter World sold about 16 million copies of the base game. That’s against the total of 65 million copies for all of the games in the franchise, The new Monster Hunter game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, but that’s likely to change over time. It is all but confirmed at this point that the game will be ported to the next-gen consoles and PC at some point. It may be a while, but the wait is well worth it.

With these new figures taken into account, the series has now sold over 70 million copies. That’s just insanely good for Capcom, putting them in a very strong position for the future. We can expect stellar performances for their financials in 2022 when the PC port lands.

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This new version of the game uses the RE engine, meaning that performance is incredibly solid for the portable console. The game, even in intense scenes, runs at a solid 30 FPS. And on stronger hardware, this game will really sing. I can’t wait to double-dip on this game again, just like Monster Hunter World. Another contributing factor to strong sales is the refinement in gameplay. The Switch launch version has more than 30 monsters to hunt, and that’s sure to increase over time. Along with plenty to do, Monster Hunter Rise sales have been helped along by incredible gameplay and refined hunting that’s a complete joy for veteran hunters. This franchise has perfected the streamlined hunting experience

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