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Two Point Hospital gets release date and new trailer

Two Point Hospital

Ever since Bullfrog released the original Theme Hospital in 1997, games have thoroughly enjoyed treating people of Third Degree Sideburns and Bloaty Head, all while selling them Kit Kats from vending machines. It’s that deliciously campy feel that made many people fans of the original idea of running a cartoonish hospital. And now that Two Point Hospital, the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, is coming out, fans have many more reasons to be excited.

A new trailer has been released that celebrates the launch of pre-orders by dumping the release date into our laps. Much like the star of the trailer, Trevor, is dumped into the treatment machine for his disease “Cubism”. And yes, that’s a disease that turns you into an absurd recreation of yourself made out of various shapes.

The trailer is weird and over-the-top, and I love it. Hopefully the game will end up being just as silly.

Check out the trailer for Two Point Hospital down below. Two Point Hospital is due to bring the weird to your PC on August 30.

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