How to Get Smooth Basalt in Minecraft

How to Get Smooth Basalt in Minecraft

Version 1.17 of Minecraft has added a bunch of new stuff to the adventure game. Basalt has been added to the game. Like many other raw ores in the game, it has its uses. You can use it for certain crafting recipes or decorative projects. The best method to get it is pretty simple.

How to Get Smooth Basalt in Minecraft

You can get Smooth Basalt in Minecraft via amethyst geodes. That’s the only natural way to find it. It will often spawn in the outer layer of these rock formations. Head underground and look pretty deep to find geodes. These formations are also the only source of calcite and amethyst items and blocks. So if you’re after the new rocks and blocks, here’s where to go.

You need to head past Y-level 70 or deeper to find the amethyst geodes. These formations turn up between Y=70 and the bedrock layer regardless of whether “generate structures” is toggled on or off. They appear to be findable within both above-ground and underground formations, provided their underwater for the above-ground spawns.

You will see the black basalt blocks on the outer layer of the geodes. Dig through those to find the purple amethyst and other blocks underneath. Of course, you can also cook regular Basalt to get Smooth Basalt in Minecraft.

You can find that in Soul Sand Valley biomes in the Nether, but this can be much more dangerous than underground mining for geodes. basalt will spawn naturally in these Nether biomes and you can mine it and cook it in a furnace, like stone.

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