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Legends of Runeterra 1.5 patch notes released, details A.R.A.M. mode

Legends of Runeterra 1.5 Patch Notes

The new Legends of Runeterra 1.5 patch has been deployed. Not only does the patch includes a bunch of bug and balance fixes. The Season of Fortune continues with prep work also being laid for patch 1.6. Several other balance changes are getting tested by the LoR team to come in that patch as well. Riot is pouring most of their focus int the new Labs mode though.

The Legends of Runeterra 1.5 update will see the first Lab, titled A.R.A.M, added in the patch. The new Lab mode will offer some very interesting features for hardcore players. The Lab allows players to experiment and make random adjustments to their decks in much more random ways.

What is Legends of Runeterra’s Labs mode?

Labs will be an experimental take on Legends of Runeterra‘s game types. There will be much more variety in deck builds and overall gameplay styles. The game modes within Legends of Runeterra’s Labs will be much more casual though, as the metagame is less important. The modes will place random modifiers on matches, as well as other changes, to shake things up for players.

And if you want to get in the fun with friends, players can challenge their friends to Lab mode directly from the friends list.

Players won’t be building normal decks in Legends of Runeterra’s Labs, instead hero units will be hit with a random modifier at the beginning of a match. From there, the game will randomly generate a deck for you to battle against your friend or online opponent. This is sure to make things very interesting.

Check out the full patch note for Legends of Runeterra 1.5 down below.

Full Legends of Runeterra 1.5 patch notes


Expeditions Archtype changes

  • While drafting a tri-region deck, slightly increased how frequently you’ll be offered packs from the archetypes completely contained within your three regions during your Wild Picks
  • While drafting a mono-region deck, reduced how frequently you’ll be offered the matching mono-region archetype during your Wild Picks

Ancient Evil

  • Added: Brittle Steel, Caught in the Cold

Battle Scars

  • Added: Stalking Wolf
  • Removed: Ruthless Raider
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  • Added: Eager Apprentice, Hired Gun
  • Removed: Crackshot Corsair, Rising Spell Force
  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to Very High (from High)

Fluft and Tuft

  • Added: For Demacia!, Fury of the North, Iceborn Legacy
  • Removed: Babbling Bjerg, Omen Hawk, Vanguard Sergeant
  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance decreased to High (from Very High)

Noxian Might

  • Added: Blade’s Edge, Death Lotus
  • Removed: Legion Grenadier

Raiding Party

  • Added: Elixir of Iron, Yeti Yearling
  • Removed: Lonely Poro

Spell Slingers

  • Added: Insight of Ages, Shadow Assassin, Will of Ionia, Yordle Grifter
  • Removed: Double Up, Salvage, Solitary Monk, Spirit’s Refuge
  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to Very High (from High)

Suit Up

  • Added: Elixir of Iron, Unscarred Reaver

Vault Unlock Timing

  • Vault unlock time moved from Tuesday to Thursday at 8 AM (local time based on shard)
  • This week’s Vault duration extended to nine days to make the transition

Miscellaneous tweaks

  • Pilfered Good cards cost upped from two to three
  • Solitary Monk card power reduced from four to three
  • Rules text for numerous cards updated for clarity and consistency
  • Quest UI updated and moved to a side-panel
  • Background of matchmaking queue and VS screen now determined by the board equipped in your loadout
  • Sixty second cooldown added to certain between-card VO interactions so they aren’t so repetitively heard when playing multiple copies of the same cards
  • Affected units will now play their standard summon VO until the cooldown resets

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where rewards could sometimes grant players Skyward Strikes (a non-collectible card) in place of a collectible Common card. Affected players have had all copies of Skyward Strikes removed and Common wildcards (1-3) added to their inventory to replace them
  • Fixed an issue where Draven’s Spinning Axe VFX would leave pink trails
  • Fixed an issue where Anivia would play Eggnivia transformation VFX when transforming into Anivia’s Harsh Winds
  • Fixed an issue where Fizz level-up VO wouldn’t play
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