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Corsair releases Mac version of iCUE

Corsair releases Mac version of iCUE

iCUE, the software package aimed at CORSAIR owners for customizing the look and feel of their products, finally has a long-awaited version. Mac-based users of various CORSAIR products now have full usability within the software utility iCUE. This will allow users to alter RGB settings and other software-controlled elements for headsets, keyboards, mice and more.

CORSAIR is an industry leader in a variety of PC products and peripherals. And since their founding in 1994, they have become a major fixture within the PC gaming scene thanks to a wide array of different products. Of particular note in the last few years is the explosive popularity of RGB-lighting equipped CORSAIR peripherals. With everything from PC cases to mice and keyboards getting full RGB lighting systems in 2019, things have gotten pretty nuts. CORSAIR and many other hardware and peripheral providers have taken to offering their own fully customizable software solutions to help users create experiences they love, and RGB and many other settings are one area of interest for users.

Windows PC users have had access to CORSAIR iCUE for some time now, but with a recent patch, the company enabled macOS support.

iCUE on macOS

iCUE for macOS features support for CORSAIR RGB keyboards, mice, headsets, and accessories, all across the spectrum. If you’re on macOS, the range of options is pretty surprising. Control RGB lighting and fan speeds, program keyboard macros and so much more has just been enabled for you.

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Mac users will be able to alter backlighting and other software-driven settings for various products like the massively popular K70 RGB MK.2 mechanical keyboard. Another product compatible with the macOS version of iCUE, the M65 RGB ELITE gaming mouse, will allow users to adjust DPI settings and RGB settings from within the software. Keyboards and mice in particular should now have full support for macro keys, programmable key sequences, and even full remaps.

Headsets, like the newly released VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless, will now work with iCUE as well on macOS. You can adjust a headset’s equalizer settings. Heck, you can even tweak accessories such as the MM800 RGB POLARIS RGB mouse pad and ST100 RGB premium headset stand.

iCUE on macOS and Windows enables users to control all of their CORSAIR settings within a single UI. If you need to adjust fan speed and curve, you can. Whether you wan to adjust your backlighting on your keyboard, use a preset lighting pattern for your mouse, or adjust your keyboard’s macro settings, you can do it all within iCUE.

Download the iCUE suite on the official CORSAIR site.

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