How To Farm Cultist Pages in Diablo 3

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There’s a special event running during January in Diablo 3 that you may have missed. You might have also noticed the random items called Cultist Pages in Diablo 3. The Cultist Pages in Diablo 3 only drop from Temporal Priests or Temporal Initiates, the cultist mobs with grey cloaks. There are a few other elements to their drops, this guide will go over that.

How To Farm Cultist Pages in Diablo 3

These Cultist mobs only spawn in Adventure Mode, so you can’t find them in any other mode. Since Switch players get that mode at the start, you might be able to rush if you have that option. The most efficient way to farm Cultist Pages is to simply go about completing Bounties in Adventure mode as much as you can. I got my set over a few hours of casual play while leveling.

There’s a big problem, in that you’re not guaranteed to get a certain page from any zone. And you can often get more than one of each page. It won’t just be seven drops you’re after. The Priests will spawn in all acts, but entirely at random. You will only get one drop of a Cultist Page per map, so keep that in mind. Just keep doing Bounty runs until you get the pages you need. There’s no modifier for difficulty either, so you could run on a very low difficulty if you want. Although the waste in XP versus time spent at a higher difficulty makes this a bad idea.

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The game only enables this as part of The Darkening of Tristram event every January. That means you need to play the game during that month to get your hands on the rewards. So next, let’s talk about what you get for going through this trouble.

What are Cultist Pages in Diablo 3 used for?

These seven items are gathered as one part of a special in-game event in Diablo 3. The event awards the Classic Angel portrait if you complete two steps. Gathering the Cultist Pages is one step, the other is killing unique monsters.

Once you get all seven pages in your inventory, you will be awarded the “I sense a Soul in Search of Answers” achievement. You then need to go about and kill one of every unique mob in the game—during the event window—to get the full reward.

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