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With the 5.2.2 Patch to SWTOR, various summer events have come to the game. The first of these is the Nar Shadaa Nightlife event. The event runs from June 13 to August 2017. Interested players can head to the Nar Shaddaa Casinos to gamble on a variety of different rewards.

There are a few changes to the event this time around. The biggest change is the increased credit costs of some of the gambling tokens. As this event is designed to be a credit sink, expect to drop a few million for the best rewards. There is also a new repeatable quest that involves scanning the Sabaac tables for cheaters, this quest grants one Kingpin token upon completion.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Travel to Nar Shaddaa from your Player Ship, then take a taxi to either the Star Cluster Casino (Republic) or Club Vertica Casino (Empire).

MISSION: Set course for Nar Shaddaa this summer, as the Hutts open their doors for the greatest spectacle this side of the Outer Rim. Watch as the galaxy’s rich, famous, and desperate flock to the Smuggler’s Moon to unwind and find their fortune! So grab your friends, stockpile those credits, and set your blasters to stun – because the lights never go out at the Star Cluster and Club Vertica Casinos!

The slot machines will be a game of competition between players, who will have to be quick to fulfill the needed conditions on the various machines to win certain rewards.

  • Trade in your credits for special tokens to use at the dazzling Star Cluster and Club Vertica casinos!
  • Feel the surge of adrenaline as you try your luck at the slot machines and a chance to win lavish rewards! Rack up rewards with the Smuggler’s Luck Slot Machine, then – if you’re feeling lucky – go for jackpot with the Kingpin’s Bounty Slot Machine!
  • Win big with this year’s two new grand prizes: Vectron BWL Wraith: Ride off on this sleek new speeder and be the envy of the Nightlife crowd! Gamorrean Guard Companion: Secure a bodyguard contract with one of the galaxy’s most notorious armed thugs!
  • Plus, with every pull of the slot machine you have a chance of winning grand prize items from previous Nightlife festivals – like the Vectron Opus speeder and Kingpin’s Rancor Mount!
  • With so many prizes, there’s a jackpot just around the corner!
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Now onto how the Nightlife event actually works.

Head to the fleet and you will find Advertisement Terminals on the inner ring of the fleet. Interacting with it will give you a very short cutscene and a mission called Festival of Splendor which will direct you to Nar Shaddaa Casino. In addition, it will give you a few credits and 5 Smuggler’s Casino Chip.

Once you arrive in Nar Shaddaa, head to Club Vertica Casino if you are Republic or Star Cluster Casino if you are Empire.

Before you can play on the slot machines, you will need to purchase chips from a Casino Cashier. Once you have your chips, you have two choices for which machine to play, Either the Smuggler or the Kingpin. The Kingpin is the much more difficult to win in terms of odds, averaging about 50/50, but the Smuggler gives you a buff which can help on the Kingpin. So my advice is to head to the Smuggler first and then alternate between the two. You can play multiple machines at once, so there’s no reason to wait around on one machine to finish before playing another.

The goal here is to win Golden Certificates to then trade in for rewards. Although there are certain rewards that must be gotten through Jackpots.

The Kingpin Jackpots are:
Vectron BWL Wraith mount
Gamorrean Guard Companion

Here is the full list of vendor items you can get through the Nightlife event.

Armor Sets/Pieces

Kingpins Armor Set
Nightlife Socialite Armor Set


Pearlescent Cruiser
Vectron Opus
Vectron Magnus
Kingpin Rancor


Kingpin’s Assault Cannon
Kingpin’s Blaster Pistol
Kingpin’s Blaster Rifle
Kingpin’s Sniper Rifle
Kingpin’s Lightsaber
Kingpin’s Lightstaff


Gamorrean Guard

Pets & Customizations

HK Hutt Military Customization
Mako Customization 10
Elara Dorne Customization 10
Tharan Cedrax Customization 10
Doc Customization 10


Gambler’s Bar
Gambler’s Mic Stand
Gambler’s Party Floor
Dynamic Underworld Ceilling Light (Various Colors)


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