Null Sec Sov Fights

As of this morning just after the patch hit, Phoebe Freeport Republic has claimed sovereignty

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In a stunning bit of success from another EVE subreddit based idea, Phoebe Freeport Republic has claimed a system in Nullsec.  Now only time will tell how quickly or slowly this implodes.

The idea finally came to fruition when the players involved heaped into WPV-JN and blasted a TCU belonging to the Absolution Alliance.

To quote the redditor who originally started this whole thing:

Battle report: We took our system under force and arms, albeit at an opportune time. In the end, we “fought” 3 dreads and 20 cruisers with some blockade runners, cloaky frigs, jita alts, half a billion isk and a hero iteron V… and somehow won. I still can’t believe it. I’ll write it up, or somebody else will, later.
Recruitment: Come check out – it has links to our public channel, and the corp/alliance you can submit applications to.

Haters: Pretend I pasted all the comments we’ve received about how a newly formed group claiming sov would be impossible here. Pretend that I taunted them with clever wit. Pretend also also it’s likely we’ll hang onto this system for the long haul.

Diplomacy: Can somebody invite me to the really cool alliance sov holding blue donut command parties / intel channels / whatever por favor? Do I finally get to meet ~the mittani~?

[opsec]: I’m sure it’ll post to Dotlan soon but otherwise I’m not drawing attention to where we are just yet :P {edit for clarity – when I made this thread, it had not posted to Dotlan yet}

Can I have a nap please: christ my eyes hurt

Recruitment again:

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