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Overwatch drops into Paris on newest map, live now on the PTR

Overwatch Paris Map On The PTR

One of the best games on the shooter market right now is headed to the City of Lights in its newest game update. Overwatch just dropped a new map onto the PTR for the team-based FPS, and it takes players to Paris. Overwatch is already a great game, but this trend of yanking players all over the world to blast each other in the face is great. And Paris is a great addition to the rotation going into Valentine’s Day.

The map itself is now available for players in the game’s PTR server to try out, meaning that PC players can hop on right now to get a taste of the new layout. The map includes tons of references to its source city, even a little piano that players are having fun messing around with.

The map hasn’t been given a date for inclusion into the full game, but the lack of confirmation hasn’t stopped fans from speculating. THe general consensus is that the map could be ready in time for the kickoff of Season 2 of the OWL, which is already getting underway with scrims. Whether or not the OWL 2019 will mark the full debut of the Paris map is yet to be seen, but it would mean that players have been given two weeks to get used to the new layout.

Overwatch is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you have yet to hop into the game on either consoles or PC. Console gamers are a bit out of luck with this new map though, as it’s not out on those platforms yet. Blizzard is still testing the new design on PC before rolling it out on console and no official word has been given on when that is set to change.

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