How to get the rooster companion Chicharron in Far Cry 6

How to get and use Guapo in Far Cry 6

Chicharron is one of the amigos that you can recruit in Far Cry 6. He’s a great fighting companion, and can be even more aggressive than your croc buddy Guapo. This rooster is a pretty useful partner thanks to his unique abilities.

To acquire your Chicharron pal, you need to complete a rather complex quest chain. There’s a multi-step process that involves completing various tasks in order. For starters, head to El Este to meet the Legends of ’67. This will involve heading to the Patriotas Peak guerrilla base and kicks off the “Man’s Best Enemy” questline. This is the first of a few steps to unlocking the companion. This is also the location to unlock  La Bala de Plata, one of the rooster mini-game choices you can unlock.

When you finish the first quest, you will be sent on the Pecking Orders quest, and must help the rooster take out the Vacia Coast Military Archives. After that, you will need to head to the roof and vandalize the rest of the base. The final quest in the chain is Wingman. Here you must follow Chicharron until you reach the Naval Service Monument and fight off waves of enemies to give Chicharron some cover. After completing Wingman, the companion is unlocked.

How to use Chicharron

The companion has a basic attack called Angry Bird, where he will propel himself at the nearest enemy. This has an enhancing perk that also applies knockdown to enemies. This happens when you have Roid Rage active and take out 24 enemies. Roid Rage is a perk unlocked by having Chicharron kill 12 enemies. Chicken Feet is his final perk that unlocks when you knockdown 50 enemies with Angry Bird’s perk. This will make the companion more evasive during Roid Rage.

To get plenty of camp resources and other upgrades, you might want to gather up some Yaran Pesos.

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If you’re just getting into the game, there are lots to do. Fighting a war is tough, try upgrading your weapons if you find enemies too strong. As you’re adventuring, you might want to know how to take down bases. You can then use them to fast travel around. There are even cool animal companions like Guapo, that you can take around. If you’re after a better set of gear, go find and upgrade the Supremo. And if you’re trying to upgrade weapons, go hunt for some Depleted Uranium.

Far Cry 6 is available now on Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. If you’re getting the game on PC, check out the PC system requirements, too.

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