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Grinding Gear Games begins Frontier microtransaction sale

Path of Exile Adds New Frontier Mystery Box

Blight League may be winding down for some players in Path of Exile, but that doesn’t mean that developer Grinding Gear Games is taking it easy. This week, the developer announced some more upcoming deals on microtransactions to get POE players spending money in the cash shop. The primary announcement is the return of one of the more recent Mystery Box runs, the Frontier.

Mystery Boxes in POE are a bit of a special thing, as they’re basically loot boxes that often contain special cosmetic items that can only be obtained through said loot box mechanics. The boxes are also often padded out with various cosmetic effects for weapons, skills and amour. Each variant also includes a new theme that’s unique to that set. And you have to hurry, at least a bit, as these Mystery Boxes are only around for the duration of the three-month patch cycle in which they debut.

If you missed this particular bunch of MTX effects, the Frontier sets are a series of Western-themed cosmetic items that GGG pushed out the door to coincide with the launch of an expansion back in June. The futuristic cowboy of the Wrangler set offers a rough and tumble look, whereas the more  Indigenous-styled Wild set puts the player in tune with nature a bit more.

That’s not all though, as the company also revealed a new cosmetic item in the form of a rather creepy armour skin. This new skin is a rather fitting addition for those looking to carry over a scary look from Halloween into November. The rather simple style works quite well to embellish the shock of having an eye sticking out of your freaking back.

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