How to complete the Hungry Hippo Achievement in BitLife

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There are many in-game achievements in BitLife. The Lion Tamer achievement is one of the most difficult achievements to get. Players have to often rely on random events for this task, and the achievement relies on a very rare one. There are actually a few of these, and you can basically defeat them in the same way. Here are the basics of getting the Hungry Hippo Achievement in BitLife.

How to complete the Hungry Hippo Achievement in BitLife

This is probably one of the harder tasks to complete in the game, as you need to be literally eaten by a hippo. Like with similar achievements, you need to start by making a character in certain nations. Start by creating a character in Monaco, Ethopia, or any other central African nation. Congo might be another good choice. The reason for this is that the game relies on spawning random events based on what animals are in a nation. The more likely a hippo is to naturally be in that area, the more likely you are to encounter it.

You wouldn’t find a random wild hippo in the streets of New York City, for example. Some players have pointed out that locales like Monaco and certain African countries have a higher chance of getting the event to fire. Like the Lion Tamer event, you just need to get good RNG on your side.

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Go into the Mind & Body tab under Activities and look for the Walk option.  Go for walks until you get the right event to fire.  Once you encounter the event for a hippo, choose to rescue it. You will then need to ignore the animal via your relationships menu. Once the hippo lands in the red, the chances of it eating you go up. You can also be eaten as part of the random event, so that makes it a bit faster to get this quest done.

The game also tilts the event spawns based on how active your character is. There’s another achievement called the Lazy achievement, that relies on gaming this system. In essence, if you’re playing the game by just aging up every year without doing anything else, you get more random events. Players can abuse this to try and get the hippo to spawn if they want.

Keep trying your luck and you should be able to complete the Hungry Hippo Achievement in BitLife.

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