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Yes, Alien: Isolation is still coming to the Switch

Alien: Isolation Confirmed for Switch

Alien: Isolation is an incredible horror game, for a variety of reasons. Mostly this feat was accomplished by crafting a beautifully detailed rendition of the original sci-fi film’s setting with a believable bad guy. Well, as believable as a giant acid-blooded alien freak can be. Creative Assembly crafted a wonderfully tense feeling that forces the player to fully immerse themselves in the desperate circumstances they face. The slithering and slimy alien Xenomorph is a truly menacing presence aided in its terror through a masterfully done combination of great lighting, engaging AI design and truly spectacular level layouts. If you want something different from the jump scare experience, this might be for you.

Alien: Isolation was announced for Nintendo Switch a while ago, since then there has been relatively little news about the port. Much like the VR version that was hyped before launch, and then seemingly abandoned, a lot of fans of the franchise were feeling disappointed. But much like that VR port, it seems like tenacity has paid off, and this time we didn’t have to wait for a team of volunteer modders to create a Switch version of the game, like what happened with the VR port.

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Finally, we also have some gameplay footage to gawk at. And judging from what we can see here, there’s been a pretty solid amount of effort put into this version of the horror game. The development team over at Feral Interactive have seemingly done a very fine job capturing the feeling of the original game. And even though the experience is scaled down a bit to fit on the portable platform, it looks like it will be great.

The game still has a release period of 2019 on the schedule, although there’s no firm date revealed as of yet. Although It wouldn’t be too surprising to see this game get pushed a bit into 2020.

Check out the Switch port down below. What do you think? Are you a Switch owner looking to grab this? Let us know.

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