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Google Stadia hopes to add 120 new games this year

Google Stadia

When the Google Stadia launched last year, it had it’s fair share of growing pains. The feature felt dated and incomplete according to many reviews and users. The lack of features promised prior to launch, like family sharing, was extremely disappointing to some players. The company had to offer refunds pretty quickly, noting plenty of backlash from angry customers.

The lackluster launch lineup of just 22 games left many people scratching their head too. If you;re going to be the premier cloud-gaming service from the biggest tech company in the world, you need more than that. The service has had other issues with player retention too. The population of Destiny 2 players playing via Google Stadia has basically pulled an Anthem and disappeared.

To deal with these issues, Google has plans for the future, and things could be looking a lot better for the company and their cloud gaming effort. The company recently posted a new community blog, detailing the plans they have for 2020 and beyond. Most notably, Google Stadia plans to add many more games. This comes in addition to the Stadia Pro new games coming each month as free games.

What is Google Planning?

Google says it currently has “more than 120 games coming to Stadia” for this year alone. Out of those, a handful that will only be available on Stadia at launch. No details on which titles this will be though. Release dates are also left unclear. Stadia Pro will get even more games in the future as well.

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Google also promised to add a number of features. There’s promises to improve performance first and foremost. Also, Google is looking to improve 4K support as well, mostly for web-based users. This would be a great improvement as it would open up more potential users to the service without having to rely on the Chromecast Ultra and similar smart devices to access Stadia.

Final thing of note, is that Google is adding a variety of AAA releases to the service. Although the delays handed to titles like Doom Eternal and Watch Dogs Legion have dealt some blows to that plan.

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