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Path of Exile: New Microtransaction System Added


After a seemingly endless amount of player complaints and headaches on their end, Grinding Gear Games have finally pushed out an update to Path of Exile‘s new Microtransaction system. This new system for managing MTX skins and effects does away with the irritating inventory system from previous iterations, replacing it with dedicated sorting options. The new MTX system also removes the feature of applying effects directly to items, instead replacing it with dedicated inventory slots for effects on each item. So you’ll no longer have to faff about with reclaiming effects on new gear during leveling.

This update was originally meant to come out as part of Beta testing for Fall of Oriath, but has been brought forward into the main game, ahead of the full Fall of Oriath launch in a few weeks.

“In the new Microtransaction System, we’ve completely done away with the old Microtransaction Stash and have replaced with a new one that lets you sort and manage your microtransactions in a much cleaner way. The microtransactions are equipped to their own slots so that you can swap your items around at will without having to reclaim/reapply microtransactions constantly. You can also equip microtransactions from other characters with a click.”

“The microtransaction system in this 2.6.1 patch is fully up to date,” Grinding Gear’s Chris Wilson says. “The one on the Beta 3.0.0 wave 3 realm is missing some recent minor bug fixes, so if you see weirdness on Beta, that’s why. It’ll be up to date by release. If you try to reclaim microtransactions between the two realms, it will work, but may display incorrect character and league names. Your consumable microtransactions on Beta (like Fireworks and Skin Transfers) are your real ones and are actually consumed if you use them.”

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