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Total War Warhammer 2 Mortal Empires trailer released


It won’t be too long before Total War: Warhammer series players will be able to set up a play-date between Malekith and Grimgor in the Mortal Empires campaign. The release date was confirmed as 26 October earlier this week, and now the free addition has its own trailer and Steam page.

Players will soon get to brawl it out In Mortal Empires. What’s that you ask? For starters you need to own both Total War: Warhammer 2 and the first game to download and play Mortal Empires. The first game only has to be owned, not installed. All of the races you own across the two games will be playable, so if you own a DLC, you can play as them in Mortal Empires. The only exception, for now, is Norsca, who aren’t yet in this release due to overlapping production schedules (I’d guess). They will show up later though.

With the requirements out of the way, lets talk about the actual gameplay. This campaign mushes the New World and Old World maps together, reducing the amount of ocean (good), and also removing some of the landmasses (less good, but will probably help with turn times at least). There are still 295 settlements to capture, so you’ve still got plenty of work to do on that front.

The various Legendary Lords belonging to different factions have also had their spawns adjusted in Mortal Empires. A few different regions have been moved or renamed as well. Check out the trailer below:

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