How to use Guapo in Far Cry 6

How to get and use Guapo in Far Cry 6

Guapo is without a doubt one of the coolest characters in Far Cry 6 and knowing how to use Guapo properly will help throughout the game. Guapo is Juan Cortez’s ‘pet’ alligator. After you meet Juan Cortez early in the game you will get the chance to use Guapo to aid you in battle. Here’s what you need to do to get Guapo in Far Cry 6.

How to use Guapo

Using Guapo is simple on the surface. Point him in a direction and he will eat whatever is there. However, to properly utilize Guapo, you will need to learn when to use him, when not to use him and how to use him. If you want to go into a battle shooting everything that moves then pointing Guapo in the direction of a soldado while you kill another is a great method. However, if your aim is to take out some enemies quietly then you will need to make sure you leave Guapo behind by having him stay in a certain spot. To make Guapo move to where you want, look at the spot and press the right directional button on your controller. Guapo will then stay in that spot until you call him again. However, if there is an enemy where you send Guapo they will soon be alligator food as the hungry alligator chows down. To call Guapo back to you, simply hold the right directional button on your controller instead of pressing it.

Like all the other companions in the game, Guapo has special abilities he can use. Sending Guapo into a fight is a great way to distract enemies and, of course, dispatch of them quickly. Guapo has the ability to passively recover health while in battle and he can revive himself. This makes him a great amigo to have with you.

What are Guapo’s abilities?

If you want Guapo to accompany you for the long haul then you will also want to upgrade him. Guapo has three amigo abilities that can be unlocked, each of which is important for making sure Guapo is operating at peak efficiency. Guapo’s “Body Regulation” amigo ability will allow him to automatically regenerate health during combat. To unlock “Body Regulation” Guapo will need to revive himself 5 times. Next up is “Cornered Beast”, a particularly handy amigo ability. “Cornered Beast” will allow Guapo to become more resistant to damage when his health falls below 50%. To unlock “Cornered Beast” Guapo will have to regenerate a cumulative total of 3000 health while in combat. Finally, arguably the best of Guapo’s amigo abilities is “Reptile Metabolism”. “Reptile Metabolism” allows Guapo to restore 90% of his health any time he auto-revives. This amigo ability will allow him to keep fighting even when overwhelmed by enemies. To unlock “Reptile Metabolism” Guapo will need to kill 50 targets.

Unlocking all of Guapo’s amigo abilities doesn’t take long but together they will vastly enhance his fighting ability and therefore his usefulness in combat. Guapo is definitely one of the coolest amigos in the game. By pointing him in the right direction and getting him the right upgrades he can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

Far Cry 6 is available now on Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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