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Sony grabs trademarks for PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10 in Japan

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Sony has filed trademarks for  ‘PS6,’ PS7,’ ‘PS8,’ ‘PS9,’ and ‘PS10’ in Japan. And while this doesn’t mean they’re going to keep the console going for the next 50 years, it does show they are in fact prepared for fighting back against squatters.  The company has been rolling out new console models every few years, and we’re still around a year away from the PS5 being released. The PS2 was trademarked in 1999, and launched in 2000, the PS3 was trademarked in 2005 then released in 2006, and the PS4 was trademarked in 2006 and came out in 2013. This means that to see five more iterations, we could be waiting at least 20 years at the absolute minimum, assuming the rate at which new consoles release starts to exponentially speed up.

The company obviously has not made any announcements about their plans beyond the current generation and the next, the PS4 and PS5 respectively. Gamers are still excited about the future nonetheless, as they eagerly await more news about console gaming. And speaking of the PS4, it’s apparently going to be around a few more years, so it will be some time before we see the PS6.

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The newest generation of the PlayStation family will drop later in 2020, although a firm date hasn’t been set yet. Although one thing gamers can count on is the fierce competition between Sony and Microsoft that is on the horizon. The PS5 is already being billed as more powerful than the Xbox Scarlett, although the difference hasn’t been confirmed. Some details are confirmed about both consoles though, as they’re seriously increasing the overall power of the new platforms, aiming for a much more PC-like experience.

Microsoft isn’t taking the fight laying down though. The company recently announced an expansion to its ongoing console leasing program, Xbox All Access. Gamers taking advantage of the program could own a brand new Xbox console by making a series of monthly payments, all while enjoying the full suite of the console’s features. But starting this month, users in the US, UK and Australia can begin the process to opt-in to claiming a new Xbox Scarlett by trading in their already leased current-gen console.

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