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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis new details revealed

Phantasy Star Online 2: NEW GENESIS

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has gotten a new batch of gameplay footage today, with teases for new content, classes and other changes on the way. The game recently debuted on Steam, after a very rocky launch in the West. Players complained that the number of bugs had been overpowering the experience, but that wasn’t all. The game also had issues with content in terms of both depth and accessibility.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is looking to fix some of that pretty handily. Slated for a 2021 release, the aim appears to be to offer new content while also streamlining some parts players had trouble with. The first batch of gameplay for the new expansion content revealed just the very basics, showing off basic combat gameplay and some new bosses. This much longer preview has much more meat on its bones.

As for what we get, there’s just way too much to cover in granular detail. But, the highlights look something like this for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis:

  • Players get new zones to explore, and many more area themes too.
  • Zone segmentation and signposting will be clarified to ease navigation.
  • More ways to navigate and explore the world via new quest content.
  • New classes, bosses and items to find.

Check out the new footage of the content update down below. Fair warning, it’s more than an hour long. And unless you’re fluent in Japanese, you might have trouble understanding it all.

There will also be some new classes added in the content patch, with three new ones shown off via the various gameplay previews that have been provided to some outlets. Players will be able to choose from the RangerForce, and Hunter classes at launch. From there, each one will provide a new gameplay style with some new trappings meant to alter both the gameplay and to a lesser extent the feel of the look of the class. That means that despite being more hybrid classes, they will offer multiple playstyles.

So let’s look at what each new class can do. The Hunter is a support melee DPS class with tons of damage potential and a little less defense than a dedicated tank. Rush in and smack your foe around before retreating to recharge. There’s a bit of tactical awareness needed to use this class effectively.

Players looking for a more ranged playstyle might prefer the Force class. With an impressive array of new attacks and abilities aimed at supporting other classes, the Force will add a new dimension to the layers of defense and offense in off-DPS classes in PSO 2. It’s somewaht mobile as well, making repositioning to support tanks or draw fire off of healers a breeze.

The other option, the Ranger, s all about mobility. Able to tank through high evasiveness, this class is all about sniping and moving out of the way to avoid hits. There’s no direct facetanking here though, as this is a much more support-focused build. It has some ranged DPS potential at least.

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