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Atomic Heart’s new trailer showcases unique theme

Atomic Heart

Developer Mundfish has released a new trailer for their upcoming game, Atomic Heart. The trailer features “The Blue Danube” as a backing track set to some insane visuals. We see bits of the setting that shows a variety of mutated enemies, at least what we assume to be enemies, amid the mix of different environmental effects and other elements that make the whole thing firmly set in some kind of an alternate reality.

The newest trailer for Atomic Heart looks stunning in more ways than one. The aesthetic of the game borrows heavily from the propaganda surrounding the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics from the 1930’s onwards, as well as a ton of period references that help set the timeline. The color palette is intermingled with a ton fo sci-fi elements that help add a splash of color to the greyscale backdrops. All in all, the whole thing looks wild.

The story centers around the player taking on the role of a KGB special agent baring the codename P-3. There is not much else to the plot so far, as the game is still somewhat early in development. There are some snippets of gameplay coming though, with a mix of both melee and firearms on show in the new trailer, so at least there’s that.

Check out the trailer down below. Atomic Heart is due for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2020.

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