How to repair your car in BitLife

How to complete the Motorhead Challenge in BitLife

Developer CandyWriter sure loves to gamify the most mundane elements in real life, making their game BitLife all about the mundanity. BitLife has a penchant for taking incredibly obtuse challenges and throwing them at players too. When you layer the two elements together, you get a wonderfully compelling mobile experience.

Like any other property you own in the game, you can find cars and other items under Assets. Click on that when you want to repair your car in BitLife and open up the sub-menu. That menu has a bunch of options on it, and one of them leads to your car. Click your car and look at the options. There will be an option to either repair or maintain your car. Repairs will make your car work if it’s entirely broken, That usually means that the condition bar is empty.

It’s a good idea to focus on maintenance first, as it’s cheaper and keep your condition bar full. That’s a much cheaper way to keep your car on the road. At some point though, you will have to repair it. Doing these and then aging up should improve the condition. You don’t need to do it more than one time per in-game year, per each vehicle.

This point will come much sooner if you got a junky car from your in-game parents. You can also go and buy a new car if you want, and you will have to do that for the new Motorhead Challenge in BitLife. If you want to do that, head to the Go Shopping tab, and then look for the Car Dealership. A bunch of car options at various price points will be presented to you on this screen.

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