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Full list of weapons in Warframe and what they’re crafted with

Where to find Clem in Warframe

Warframe is Clem’s dream, as it’s chock-full of guns and explosions. The space-ninja simulator is also full of crafting with those weapons, all to make more powerful gear. It’s a really fun system if you really like crafting and farming in games. Primary, secondary, and melee weapons are a good time and resource sink in this game.

Below you can find the full list of all of the weapons in Warframe and what they’re crafted with. That’s important because there are tons of recipes that both use the various raw resources you find during missions, as well as various weapons, as components. This means you’re going to want to farm for all of the weapons you can, although you will be limited by slots.

There are many recipes that use two weapons. To get both of those weapons into the crafting recipe, you only need to hit Rank 30 with only one of the weapons in Warframe. You can drop the recipe in the Foundry and let it run, then use that time to rank up another weapon.

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Recipe Weapons Finished Weapon
2x Bolto Akbolto
2x Bronco Akbronco
2x Bronco Prime Akbronco Prime
2x Cestra Dual Cestra D
2x Furis Afuris
2x Grakata Twin Grakatas
2x Kama Dual Kamas
2x Kohmak D Twin Kohmak B
2x Krohkur Twin Krohkur D
2x Lex M Aklex
2x Lex Prime Aklex Prime V
2x Magnus Akmagnus
2x Vasto Akvasto
2x Vasto Prime Akvasto Prime
2x Viper Twin Vipers
Akbolto + Dual Skana Akjagara
Akstiletto D Aksomati
Akstiletto D Sarpa
Amphis Sydon D
Ankyros Tekko
Ankyros + Dual Cleavers Ripkas
Atomos + Dual Zoren Twin Basolk
Bo + Kunai Tipedo
Bolto + Viper Hystrix
Boltor + Kronen Boltace
Broken War War
Cernos Mutalist Cernos
Drakgoon Zarr
Dual Cleavers + Ankyros Ripkas
Dual Kamas Dual Raza D
Dual Skana Dark Split-Sword D
Dual Skana + Akbolto Akjagara
Dual Skana + Vasto Redeemer
Dual Zoren + Atomos Twin Basolk
Furax Knux
Galatine Paracesis
Gammacor Heliocor
Hikou + Miter Panthera
Kogake Hirudo
Kraken Kulstar
Kronen + Boltor Boltace
Kunai + Bo Tipedo
Lato M Bolto
Latron Tiberon
Magistar Sibear
Miter + Hikou Panthera
Nikana D Dragon Nikana
Ninkondi Shaku D
Tipedo Lesion
Vasto + Dual Skana Redeemer
Viper + Bolto Hystrix
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