How to use photo mode in F1 2020

How to use photo mode in F1 2020

With all of the different tracks in F1 2020, players get plenty of options for beautiful locales to race their cars around. But sometimes you just want to commemorate some stellar moment with more than a memory. That’s where the new Photo Mode in F1 2020 comes in. With all of the different cars, filters, track locations, and more in the mode, there’s a lot of creativity that can be unlokced.

Photo Mode in F1 2020 makes it very easy to capture some really great action scenes during your races. The mode allows you to take a picture at pretty much any time by linking with the replay system. Players can take control of their cars view and take some really interesting pictures with the mode, here’s how it works.

To activate Photo Mode, at any point while on the track, pause the game and select the Instant Replay option. From there, you can use the action of the last few seconds to capture some great photos. You can shift the camera position, allowing for differing perspectives, but the Photo Mode can do so much more.

The one major restriction is that you must keep the camera within the track confines. Once you have the camera positioned and your shot composed, it’s time to have some fun with it. You can reposition things as you like, and there are plenty of effects and settings to choose from.

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There are multiple resolutions to pick from first of all. 1080p is the default, and some versions have support for up to 4K resolution. There are also 3D options to fiddle about with too. You can change the color palette of the photo to get a different effect as well. And if you want to add layered effects, there are various options to choose from.

Be keenly aware that increasing the photo effects and options can and will balloon the file size. So if you’re low on space, consider being sparing with the photo mode in F1 2020.

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