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PS4 Exclusive Project Judge showcases story and gameplay trailers

Project JUDGE

Project Judge  or Judge Eyes has it’s called in Japan has a pair of new gameplay trailers this week.

Both trailers showcase characters and gameplay elements galore, so let’s dig in. The game looks incredible and fun, so I’m pretty excited to see more of it.

The trailers show off more from the early demos and trailers for the game, what with the office of detectives and all, we also get more insights into the story and the tension surrounding various cases that will be worked throughout the game. There’s some new villains we haven’t seen before teased as well. It’s a story of crime, corruption and passion that rings very true for the devs behind Yakuza.

In terms of gameplay, we see more of the mini-games spread throughout the course of the main story. There’s also more elements of investigation and clue-gathering gameplay than we’ve seen before. We’ve seen some tailing aspects in other gameplay footage, but there’s new elements for dealing with a hostile target in the newest gameplay trailer. The in-game environments are rich in detail, so there’s plenty of little things to find throughout a level. And it’s not really a surprise given the team working on the game, but the fight mechanics just scream out the over-the-top nature of Yakuza.

The game will release in Japan on December 13th exclusively for PS4. The game will also get a PS4 release in the west in 2019. Check out these trailers down below.

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