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Apex Legends will launch on Nintendo Switch in Season 8

Here's what we know about Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem

Apex Legends will be coming to the Nintendo Switch after all, as Respawn Entertainment has confirmed. The build-up to Season 8 has left many in the dark on the idea, but now we have confirmation. An Apex Legends Switch port has been confirmed, and will drop along with new content in Season 8.

The rumors of an Apex Legends Switch port have been swirling for years. As the portable console is a great candidate for shooters and on-the-go multiplayer. As the console already has Fortnite, it’s fertile ground for a port. And even though there has been tons of demand, no movement had been made for some time, until now.

The Apex Legends Switch port will debut on the Nintendo Switch on February 2, with the release of the new season, Season 8: Mayhem. The release comes along with all that Season 8 contains, which is a lot.

There are some secrets left to parse though, like localization. There has been a lot of fervor among non-US fans for localizations on consoles of the game. This is something that takes time, but it’s a good bet that various regions will get their own port to a degree. We know this because release date info for the Switch release was revealed in Japanese, Russian, and Danish. Respawn has since covered up the information by removing it, indicating that it was probably released too soon.

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There are other questions lingering in the minds of gamers as well. Some fans are hopeful that cross-platform play or progression will be a thing. There has been some work done to keep progression unified in PC spaces for the game, but not so much on consoles. If there is a unification of stats and progress with the Switch version, it may be restricted to PC for now. As for cross-platform play, that’s much less likely. The skill gulf caused by both inferior hardware and less-fine control may make that impossible for Apex Legends on the Switch.

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