Tips for the Carmela Montez bounty in Red Dead Online

How to complete the Carmela Montez bounty in Red Dead Online

Carmela “La Muñeca” Montez is a new RDO task added to the game as part of the new Prestigious Legendary Bounties. To start this bounty, you’ll need a Prestigious Bounty Hunter License. You need to spend 15 Gold to get these at any Bountry Board. The Carmela Montez bounty is no easy task, and you will need to bring your good guns out for this one. Once you have your license, check the nearby bounty boards for the details. When you see a listing for Carmela “La Muñeca” Montez, that’s the one you’re after.

Search the Hanging Dog Ranch for Carmela

Once the cutscene to introduce the scene change wraps, it’s time to begin the hunt. You will need to head over along the Little Creek River to the side and start moving along the river. Your goal is a ranch to the northwest along that river. You will know you reached the right place when you see a ton of armed guards standing around.

The real threat isn’t the armed gang or even Carmel herself, It’s that metal wagon she has nearby. You need to take her down before alerting the rest of the guards, because if you don’t, you’re in for a world of hurt. Carmela will eagerly hop into that wagon and unleash the gatling gun it has on you. If she does manage to get inside, either run up and get in the driver’s seat to force her out, or use the cover to shoot at her exposed legs. You will have to kill her most likely if you mess this up, so stealth is best.

Capturing her and Claiming the Carmela Montez Bounty

Stealth is your best friend here, as you must avoid altering the guards outside to avoid getting mowed down. Carmela will run over to the War Wagon while you’re busy shooting everyone else if you just go in guns blazing. You need to scout out the area and take out the guards when they’re alone, then move into the main house on the property. That’s where Carmela is hiding. If you’re looking to get the full bounty reward, this is the only way.

You need to sneak inside the house and hogtie Carmela before alerting anyone else. Once she’s tied up and you’re ready to go, then you can start blasting and wipe out the goons around the house. This will allow you to place her on your house without getting shot, and make the ride back to Strawberry much easier.

While on your way to the jail, you will be tailed by some goons, you can either shoot it out with them or outrun them if your horse is fast enough.You will get both Gold, RDO$, Bounty Hunter XP, and XP once you turn her in.

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