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Imperium Supers down to Black Legion. and Fountain Core, HERO fights back and drama ensues

EVE Online Supercapitals

As a supercap fleet belonging to Imperium was tackled by a combined 40 dreadnaught with dictor support hotdrop belonging to Black Legion. and Fountain Core. In response, HERO and Imperium forces piled into KVN-36 to attempt to extract the supers.  Of the initial move op involving 6 supers, 5 of them went down quickly.  Despite the HERO response being able to land on grid before the first super died, and dictors/hictors being wiped off, the Super died. Tensions were quite high as HERO and Imperium struggled to coordinate response fleets through wormhole chains on the Imperium side, and mass pings from YZ-LQL on the HERO side.
The overall super kills including 2 Titans can be found below:

  1. Nyx 1
  2. Nyx 2
  3. Aeon
  4. Wyvern
  5. Erebus 1
  6. Erebus 2

As the last Super went down, despite dozens upon dozens of Logi ships being destroyed while trying to save it, HERO rage pinged for a DPS fleet to wipe Black Legion. and friends from the field. The initial BL/FC drop fleet comprised of T3s, Ishtars, and blap dreads held the field against HERO’s fleet of Logi, Eagles, T3s and other mixed subcaps. Throughout the fighting HERO FCs kept calling for more reinforcements, as their initial 200 man fleet reshipped into whatever subcaps were available. Near the end of the brawl Imperium brought in more than 25 capitals and supers to wipe the dreads off the field, Black Legion. and FC quickly started falling to the combined fire. And despite taking more than 30 Billion ISK in losses, BL and friends remained massively ISK positive having killed over 350 Billion of HERO/Imperium ships.

As expected, drama and spamming in local ensued following the fights.  With both sides simultaneously celebrating and lamenting the good fights that were had.  The battle reports can be found here. (The reports have been bugged, possibly due to problems with CREST)

A video from the Black Legion. perspective:

Here are some excellent screenshots from the HERO perspective:


And a great bit of HERO propaganda from the fight:

Killboards are still updating for this fight, I’ll finish this writeup once I have the final tally.
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