What do different incense colors in Pokémon Go mean?

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Pokémon Go is all about taking a trip around your town or city and capturing a bunch of iconic monsters. Players can also take part in a variety of PvE and PvP game modes, like the new Premier League and other PvP tournaments. These game modes will, of course, involve catching the best Pokémon with the best CP and other stats. But to catch the best ones you often need to employ a special item called Incense.

There are other items as well, like the Lucky Egg. The lucky egg doubles a player’s experience points gained for half an hour, star pieces increase a player’s stardust gain by 50 percent for example. The Incense is a rather unique item that draws more Pokémon to the location of the user for a set amount of time.

The original incense colors in Pokémon Go are all a green hue. This applies to the basic effect of drawing Pokémon to the location. There was something strange happening during a recent event. The normal incense colors in Pokémon Go shifted to an orange hue. This introduced a mechanic that drew only a particular type of Pokémon rather than just randomized spawns.

During the Carvahna incense day, for example, every hour during the event, which rotated between different types. The type doesn’t seem to be restricted either, as it swapped between Water-types for example. This didn’t draw the monsters to all the players in the area though, just the one who uses the item.

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Niantic hasn’t confirmed if they will bring new options for incense colors in Pokémon Go. The developer will likely introduce the same colored shifts in future events. I could even see the developer introducing a special PvP reward that will increase the odds of Shiny or Legendary spawns as a reward for the best players.

We could also see other colors in a Pokémon Go event that targets other types. Maybe a red incense will be used for fire types. No idea if that idea comes to fruition though.

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