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Will Monster Hunter Rise come to Game Pass?

Get Monster Keenbone in Monster Hunter Rise

The highly-anticipated release of Monster Hunter Rise on multiple platforms has generated excitement among its dedicated fanbase since it was first announced. With the game now set to be available on consoles, an even larger audience will be able to join in on the thrilling action of hunting and butchering monsters.

With the game set to become available on a variety of new systems, players are now wondering whether it will also be included in Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service. Here’s everything we know about the game’s coming listing on Game Pass:

Monster Hunter Rise will be available on both Xbox and PC Game Pass on January 20, 2023. It will be launched on the same day as the console releases, so players on all platforms can enjoy the game starting on launch day.

Is Monster Hunter Rise going to be on Game Pass mobile?

But that’s not all, there’s also a new way to play the game portable.  According to an official Xbox announcement, players will also be able to play the game on-the-go through the Game Pass Cloud and on the PC version of the service. This direct compliment to the Switch port of the game offers those who are outside of the Switch ecosystem to take their monster hunting into the real world, OK, no really, but it’s still pretty cool.

Additionally, the expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will also be introduced to all of the same systems, albeit at a later date.

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It’s worth noting that this entry of Monster Hunter Rise has several differences compared to the similarly popular Monster Hunter World. For example, new companions like Palamutes and Cohoots are being added to the game. Palamutes can accompany players in multiplayer, and also be used in combat and as a means of transportation. Cohoots, on the other hand, serve as scouts that allow players to see more of the map.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the upcoming release, you can check out the game’s announcement trailer.

Monster Hunter Rise managed to follow up the smash-hit success of Monster Hunter World admirably, although certainly not to the extreme the previous game did.

World remains the best-selling Monster Hunter game to date, and one of the best-selling Capcom games ever, with 18.50 million units sold. Monster Hunter Rise nips at hits heels with 11.20 million units sold since launch. The Iceborne expansion managed a rather comfortable 9.20 million units sold, while the Sunbreak expansion to Rise garnered 4.40 million. So while Capcom isn’t seeing a repeat of the absurd success of the previous title, it’s by no means a failure.

Monster Hunter Rise will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Game Pass.

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