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EVE Online adds interesting new Frigate Escape Bay

Frigate Escape Bay

Players in EVE Online are used to losing their ships and loot by the billions of ISK. Ships are lost in PvP all the time, and players sometimes want to avoid losing all that ISK. CCP has just revealed a new feature coming in future releases that will make this a little less dangerous. The new Frigate Escape Bay will allow Battleship pilots to store one fitted frigate within their ship, that will be ejected instead of their normal pod.

The Frigate hulls that will be allowed to be stored in the Frigate Escape Bay are:

  • All T1 Frigates
  • Assault Frigates
  • Electronic Attack Frigates
  • Logistics Frigates

The tactical implications of this seem fairly limited, as Battleships won’t normally be taking on frigates or destroyers in small numbers, which are the best match for most frigate PvP. The use of Logistics Frigates as emergency logi, assuming they can survive and escape the swift death of an enemy fleet bearing down on them, is an interesting idea.

For solo PvP though, having an easy escape if you’re using a high agile setup, will make escape easy if you’re using high-value implants that you don’t want to lose. That’s one potential use for the Frigate Escape Bay.

The new feature will land on the testing server next week, so get your client patched up if you want to take part in testing the new addon.

Read the full update post on CCP’s site.

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