What do frogs in Minecraft eat?

Guide to Frogs in Minecraft

Frogs are a new addition coming in a future content update to the baseline versions of Minecraft. The feature is currently in testing in Java Edition 1.19. The feature is also included in Bedrock Edition as an in-test feature.  So far, they’re kind of basic. In Java Edition, frogs have no drops other than 1-3 experience points when killed, so farming them for anything isn’t an option.  Aside from that, you have a few things you need to learn about them. That’s what this guide is going to try and do. We’re going to lay out some of the basics of frogs in the game, as well as how to raise them.

The basics of frogs in Minecraft

Since frogs are a beta feature, they’re not completely fixed in their features. There are a few things that are set, though, like their spawns. Normally, these mobs spawn naturally as Tadpoles in Swamp and Mangrove Swamp biomes. Groups of two to five frogs can spawn in swamp and mangrove swamp‌s. The best way to grow them is instead to raise them from tadpoles. The tadpoles raised in each other biome will also change their type when they mature. There are Cold, Temperate and Warm frog variants based on the biome they’re raised in. Mojang says that all three types of frogs will have something unique about them that will be useful to players. When future updates drop, this feature is sure to be expanded.

To actually get them to grow, you need to feed them. Much like other animal mobs, you can feed them to technically tame them and then breed them. Keep reading to figure out what to feed the frogs.

What do frogs in Minecraft eat?

There are a couple of things that frogs will eat in Minecraft, but only one item that you can actually give to them.  They won’t just randomly eat anything. Their primary diet is based on one item, Seagrass. This is a placeholder from pre-1.19 versions of the game. The later versions of the game use Slimeballs as a food source. So be sure to check which build you’re playing before you try to breed or tame frogs in Minecraft. You can cut seagrass from the obvious plants in the ocean, use some sheers to do so.

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Additionally, frogs also eat small Slime and Magma Cube mobs. That means that larger mobs aren’t threatened by them, but the small variants are. You can use your sword to break down a larger slime, then trap them with frogs. These smaller mobs will be preyed on by mature frogs.

You actually need slime to breed them as well. Feeding two frogs a slimeball causes them to enter love mode, which is jus tlike breeding other animal mobs.

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