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Peace in Drone Regions?


A recently announced set of communications between Legion of xXDEATHXx and Triumvirate. have made public an economic agreement reached between the two aggressors in the months-long war over xXDEATHXx’s rental empire. The war involves GemCo (Geminate Coalition; primarily xXDEATHXx and small allied alliances) and their hired mercenaries (Nulli Secunda) fighting against repeated incursions and asset seizures by Vanguard Coalition, who are primarily made up of Triumvirate., Tau Ceti Federation, Intrepid Crossing, and SOLAR FLEET. For the last six months, TRI have slowly been gobbling up parts of the regions of The Spire, and Etherium Reach.

Yesterday a public revelation on Reddit revealed a potential agreement that saw TRI withdraw from Vanguard in exchange for an agreement with xXDEATHXx that allows TRI to hold the SOV they’ve taken. TRI’s stated motivation for this change seems sound, despite some members insistence that politics and metagaming are unworthy of TRI. Their realistic assessment of the strategic situation for Vanguard made it clear that there really was no choice here if they wanted to continue holding SOV. The details of the agreement indicate that systems, moons, and structures are to be traded between the two entities in an equitable fashion.  It’s likely that xXDEATHXx will divest from Etherium Reach SOV while still holding some of the moons in order to focus on fighting the remains of Vanguard.

It’s unknown exactly how this will play out for Vanguard, some expect them to completely collapse without the assitance of TRI, as Nulli and the rest of GemCo will be able to focus all their might into pushing them back out of the Drone Regions. I personally expect SOLAR and TCF to attempt to parlay with xXDEATHXx to seek a resolution that sees them still holding a small portion of SOV.  As it’s very likely that the coming threat of Fossiesov will pose a significant issue for any group attempting to hold the Drone Regions. That may not be enough to bring the two long-term enemies to the negotiating table.

Now the next question is, where will the next flash point for EVE conflict arise? I’m keeping an eye on the regions of Immensea and Tenerfis. As the varied and potentially hostile state of relations between the various alliances surrounding GCLUB and Kadeshi space might make the area a target for expansion come Fossiesov.

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