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Quantic Dream plan to release short films set in the world of Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Become Human Launch Trailer
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In the leadup to the release of their new video game, Detroit: Become Human, French developer Quantic Dream are taking a creative approach to hype. The plan is to release a set of four short films set in the same future world as the game that give the player more perspective on the world and how it came to be. These new films also serve as a peek at how the final game might behave in terms of narrative.

The first video, titled “Kamski,” is the first of four short films that Quantic Dream is releasing that tie into the story of Detroit and expand on the game’s world and setting. “Kamski,” specifically, explores the backstory of Elijah Kamski, the young researcher who travels to Detroit and creates the world’s first Android.

If the more traditional “launch trailer” is more your style, check out the Detroit: Become Human launch trailer.

It’s interesting to see what story elements are contained with these shorts, but there’s some definite creepiness that feels right at home in a David Cage game. All that said, the fact that these videos are made without reusing scenes from within the game shows that a fair bit of work went into making them. I’m just hoping that the same can be said for the final game. Although judging from the animation quality of this first video, the game will look incredible, so there’s that positive at least.

The next three short films will be released over the next week, with the final one coming out the same day as the full release of the game. Also, I’m calling it now, this Elijah Kamski is an android that replaced the real man and “secretly” engineers the robot revolution. If that isn’t the big twist, I’ll eat my shoes.

Detroit: Become Human will release exclusively for PS4 on May 25th, 2018. If you haven’t picked up the game yet, you can do so at Amazon, where it’s available for pre-order.

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