How to get Pets in Grounded

Where to find Fungal Growths in Grounded

Pets in Grounded are a new addition to the game from a recent patch. In Grounded, your goal is to just survive, but that alone isn’t too fun. Having pals to play with makes this crafting adventure much more fun. A new update has added pets, allowing players to tame some bugs to adventure with. It’s a pretty involved process, so it will take some time to get going. To be able to tame Pets in Grounded you need to follow these steps.

How to get Pets in Grounded

You will need a workbench to make all of this work. There will likely be more items and tamable pets added over time, so keep this in mind. If the crafting requirements change, we will update this guide.

So far, you can tame both Weevils and Aphids and get them as pets. They will then follow you around the game world and can be a nice little buddy. To tame one of these bug buddies, you need to build a pet house and a grinder. This is a new item added in that recent update. To unlock this stuff, you need to take the Haze BURG.L chip back to BURG.L, to unlock the Advanced Production Buildings upgrade.

Here are the parts you need to make the Grinder:

  • Five Bombardier Parts – Look in grass and wet biomes for Bombardier Beetles and take them out, harvest the parts with an ax.
  • Three Flower Petals – Head into a flower bed biome and look for flowers. Use an axe on them to get petals. Watch out for Spiders.
  • Two Acorn Shells – Head into oak hill or grasslands biomes and look for acorns on the ground.
  • Two Feathers – Crows spawn across all biomes and you can find these feathers around. Check by the birdbath.
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Make the Grinder, and then put either mushrooms, plant fiber, toadstool inside the grinder to get Slurry. That’s the item you need to give to an Aphid or Weevil to tame them. Then you can take them to the Pet House to lock them in.

Here are the materials you need to make the Pet House:

  • Two Weed Stem
  • Two Crow Feathers
  • Four Mushroom Bricks – You can make this with mushroom slurry by putting the slurry inside an oven.
  • One Acron Shell

There are so many other items in this game and knowing how to make them is a big help. Check out our crafting recipes guide for more ideas on what tool upgrades you should focus on. And in case you need it we also made a guide about repairing tools and weapons in the game as well. Players might also want to check out how to unlock things like the improved bandage to make things easier on themselves.

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