How to get Weed Stem in Grounded

How to get Weed Stem in Grounded

In Grounded, your goal is to just survive. And with all the violent bugs around, that’s a very difficult proposition. The weapons and gear you can craft also get more complex over time. You will need to put some time into finding various items. The story progression in the game relies on constantly making new and better items. Early on in the game, you’re going to want to focus on setting up a basic base and getting some new recipes.

For that reason, you need a bunch of Weed Stems. The Weed Stem in Grounded is used in various recipes. You will also need to craft a certain recipe to get the stems from their source. But first, let’s talk about where to find the stems.

How to get Weed Stem in Grounded

The primary source for these items is Dandelion stalks. And since you’re so small, these weeds look huge. You will need to hack away at them to get some of the drops. For this, an Insect Axe is required. The recipe for this tier two axe is unlocked by using the Resource Analyzer to scan a Ladybug Head.

With that stuff gathered, you can begin to get deeper into the game. Crafting has a ton of depth in this game, but it takes some time to gather resources. Do that axe recipe first, and then head out and look for the weed stalks. To find Dandelions, look for the yellow grass. Look in the sky for the dried grass, and you will often find the Dandelion stalks nearby.

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Now just chop some down and get the drops from them. You can also take some back to the Resource Analyzer

There will always be a need for bigger and better tools as well. Check out our crafting recipes guide for more ideas on what tool upgrades you should focus on. And in case you need it we also made a guide about repairing tools and weapons in the game as well. Players might also want to check out how to unlock things like the improved bandage to make things easier on yourself.

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