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Warframe – How To Farm Zhuge Prime Relics (2020)

Warframe – How To Farm Zhuge Prime Relics

The Zhuge Prime is a primed variant of the Crossbow Zhuge Tenno automatic crossbow, with higher critical chance, fire rate, magazine size, and altered damage that favors slash. Though it does have lower overall damage, it does get some nice boosts to status chance and reload speed. It’s a unique weapon choice to be sure. So if you want to get the gun, you will need to farm the correct Zhuge Prime Relics.

It’s a very unique weapon to be sure, and one that can be fun for new players who want to try everything. Here’s where you need to go to get the Zhuge Prime Relics in Warframe.

Zhuge Prime Relics

If you want the Zhuge Prime, you need the following Zhuge Prime Relics.

  • Blueprint – Axi A6/T4 Uncommon
  • Grip – Meso R3 Common
  • Barrel – Neo Z5 Rare
  • Receiever – Axi B3 Uncommon
  • String – Axi T5 Common

Zhuge Prime Relic Farming Locations

You can earn various Relic types by doing different activities. Relic drops are somewhat random, with different maps and tilesets on the Star Chart having their own associated drop chances. You will need to farm a few different parts, four in total. For the Zhuge Prime Relics in Warframe, you will want to head to these nodes on the Star Chart:

  • Meso – Io on Jupiter. A Defense mission, With the Meso Relics being a good option after 10 waves. Complete 10 waves per mission and bounce, do it again to get as many Relics as you want. You can also go for Ukko the T3 Void Capture mission if you can farm it quickly. The latter of these two has less of a drop chance for Meso Relics, but fast runs make up for that.
  • Neo – Xini on Eris. The A rotation of this mission drops a guaranteed Neo Relic, being an Interception mission, you’re going to do best in pairs or squads here. You can also do Ukko the T3 Void Capture here as well, as it has the same drop chance as Meso.
  • Axi – Xini on Eris. The B and C rotations on this Interception will drop an Axi Relic. This area allows you to farm Neo and Axi relics at the same time. Apollo on Lua is an option as well, defending all four nodes in a map guarantees and Axi drop. An Axi every five minutes is possible with a good squad.
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Once you have the Relics, it’s time to start cracking them for loot. If you want a full guide on cracking Void Relics, we have that handy. You will need a fair few resources to build the weapons as well. So make sure you check the Blueprints in your inventory to make sure you have the items you need to actually build it.

Despite being a strong weapon for somewhat unique builds, it’s probably not worth it to rush the builds with Platinum. It’s better to save your Plat on Warframe Prime builds.

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