How to Complete the Globetrotter Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Globetrotter Challenge in BitLife

With the release of the new Movie Star content, BitLife fans are having a heck of a weekend. This new content focuses on being a wealthy and famous actor, but that’s far from the only thing you can do. You could choose a stable and legal life as a pilot or doctor, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, maybe you want to be famous. Or maybe, you want to be a criminal. The choices are endless. And with the new challenge this week. you’re going to need a lot of cash.

You will need to do a bit of prep work to get this done. This challenge is all about living a wealthy lifestyle and earning tons of cash. Then, you need to spend it in a very lavish way. Keep your eyes here to learn how to finish the Globetrotter Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Globetrotter Challenge in BitLife

CandyWriter describes the challenge like this: “‘Wanderlust’ is your middle name in this jet-setting challenge, Bitizens. Be travelers, not tourists!” You need to be a real trendsetter and travel all over the globe for this challenge.

  1. Set foot in 30+ different countries
  2. Have lovers from 8+ different countries
  3. Emigrate 8+ times
  4. Own 5+ aircraft
  5. Own 5+ watercraft

This challenge will require a lot of cash to get done, as you’re going to be doing a lot of shopping and travel. Lucky for you if you have the new Actor job pack, as you can make a few million dollars pretty easily. Put in a few years getting good at acting and then audition for roles. As long as you use our tips for doing well as an actor, you will be a millionaire in no time flat. You don’t have to pick that job though. A business degree is another solid option that all players have the option to get. It will take a bit longer as you need to get a good job and earn some promotions, but you’ll get there.

Now you’re ready to begin traveling around the globe. And yes, traveling for vacations does appear to count. You can go on Vacations via the Activities menu, and choose a destination outside of the country you’re in right now. It will cost about $10,000 to do this each time. Do this 20 or so times and that will take care of a big chunk of this part of the challenge.

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To emigrate, go to the Activities tab and pick the country you wish to move to after picking Emigrate. You will need to pay a fee of about $5,000 and then get approval from the government. The list of countries is random, so you can keep refreshing the list by restarting the app or aging up. Keep doing this until you move around to at least 8 countries. Once you’ve done all the baseline travel, it’s time to work on getting the licenses you need to progress.

This is where you need to put in double duty. Each time you move to a new nation, you need to go on dates. Click the Relationship tab and choose one of the options for dating. Your character’s looks can help here, but they’re not too important. You need to date and seduce at least 8 people, one per country you emigrate to. This can take a bit of time, just make sure to pay attention and do it each time you move. It’s also a good idea to go to the Doctor after each encounter, as STIs are a thing in BItLife.

Finally, and this is where your money will come in handy, you will need to purchase at least five different aircraft and watercraft. Click Assets and then Go Shopping at the bottom. You don’t need the boating license to buy boats; but if you plan to play long-term, you will need it to actually use the boats and other craft you buy. Same goes for the planes.

Once you have completed all these steps, you will have finished the Globetrotter Challenge in BitLife.

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