Fair Play Points in Pokémon Unite Explained

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Being a MOBA, Pokémon Unite will have to deal with the community and player expectations that come along with the genre. This could cause a culture clash with the younger fans of the source material, so the developers came up with a solution. This system, called Fair Play Points in Pokémon Unite, allows for a few things to get done. The common function is to reward good behavior on the part of players.

What are Fair Play Points in Pokémon Unite?

There are things that are pretty common in MOBAs that the team behind this game want to clamp down on. Quitters and rage is a pretty common one.  If you want to get deep into ranked matches, you will probably encounter this at some point. Because this is a completely multiplayer game, players will experience times when players get frustrated and last out. The losing team may also surrender, and that’s no fun. So instead of directly punishing problem players, the Fair Play system is a grade that rewards positive behavior.

You start out with 100 Fair Play Points. As long as this number stays above 90, players can receive an in-game reward of 20 coins when rewards are calculated. If you go below  80 points, you can no longer participate in Ranked play. If you go below 60 points in the scale, standard and quick matches will be locked off. You can see your score within the Trainer info panel. On the main menu, press L to bring it up.

What makes you lose Fair Play Points?

The most commonly reported cause of losing Fair Play Points in Pokémon Unite is to quit out of matches. Quitting repeatedly without using the Surrender vote will cause you to lose Points. If you go idle during a game and don’t actively try to capture, this can also lower your score. It has also been reported that some players lost points by actively invoking too many surrender votes that didn’t pass. This particular instance was anecdotal, so don’t take it as fact.

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In short, if you want to keep a high rating, play the game and be a good sport.

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