How to Get Gold Keys in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

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Sega has managed an incredible game with Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The game blends the insanity of the franchise with a fresh cast and take that injects new life into the legends of the Japanese crime drama. With a lighter but still engaging tone, the adventures of weirdo Kasuga are a sight to behold. And with all the hidden quests and nonsense going on, there are some things you might miss. One thing a lot of players seem to have trouble finding are these mysterious Gold Keys in Yakuza: Like a Dragon,

These are used to open unique safes all over the map, often containing very powerful items and useful stuff. Here’s what we know about finding these as fast as possible and getting filthy rich in the process. You will need to progress through the story first though, so do that until you reach Chapter 5. I won’t spoil anything, but it’s going to be a wild ride.

There are two ways you can go about getting these, some are easier than others though:

  • Unlock the Foreman job and demolish structures to buy them from black market merchants
  • Talk to the hiding man in Koreatown many, many times

The Foreman Job Route

Once you have hit Chapter 5, Kasuga gets the option to change jobs for those in his party. This is how you’re going to unlock the foreman job and hunt for Gold Keys in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.  The two easiest ways to get Gold Safe Keys involve finding a few hidden spots, and you need the Demolish skill to do it.

Head to Hello Work in the Commercial District and speak to Ririka. Once you have Level 3 Charisma, go for the Foreman Job at Hello Work, now you’re ready to begin. The cool thing is that you’re not locked into the job, you can swap out and keep access to the Demolish ability.

The Black Market merchants can be found in a few places. Start by looking in the Commercial District area. You can get here by using the fast travel and heading to either the Ichiban Confections or Can Quest drop-off points. Once you’re here, head to the southwest corner of the zone, look for the boarded-up shop with a red awning. You will see a taped off door nearby, smash that to find a merchant who sells gold keys for ¥10,000 each.

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THere’s also a hidden vendor behind a similar door in Isezaki Road, look nearby to Zhao’s Restaurant for that one. Be on the lookout for other hidden doors hiding other vendors. They can sell weapons, accessories and consumables that you can’t find anywhere else.

The Hiding Man in Koreatown Route

There is one other option for getting gold keys you can try. It’s not easy but it’s cheap. Be warned though, you’re going to have to put a ton of time into this method. After you reach Chapter 6 and start to deal with the mafia there, you will find a building that’s home to important locations like Citron Mahjong and Professor Sujimon. Head to the Futokocho via the taxi system to end up close by. You will find a small building with a stairwell leading up nearby. Head up and look for the man in the face mask. You will know you found the right spot when you find a safe nearby as well.

The trick here is to talk to the man dozens of times. Some users report having to talk to him 50 times or more to get the Gold Key from him. You will notice he eventually stops responding normally and his dialogue is replaced with ellipses, which means you’re close. Keep talking to him and you will earn a Gold Safe Key for your trouble.


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