How to make the Silver Knife in Valheim

Where to find Silver in Valheim

The new Hearth and Home update just landed, and has added a bunch of new stuff to Valheim. You can use the new gear, armor and weapons to take on vicious new bosses. And of course, there’s tons of new stuff to make. The Silver Knife in Valheim is one of many important and powerful weapons in the Viking adventure. Players can use Silver to make this weapon really useful against the undead. Here’s how to make this weapon.

How to make the Silver Knife in Valheim

Silver can be found in many places, but you will have to work for it. To find silver, you need some tools. Namely, you need the WIshbone, a pickaxe, and cold resistance items. Silver in Valheim only spawns in the wintry Mountain biomes, so head out and find some, now you’re ready to craft the new knife.

You will need to have a Level 3 Workbench unlocked to get this recipe. Here are the items you need to make the Silver Knife:

  • Two Wood
  • 10 Silver
  • Two Leather Scraps
  • Two Iron

The iron and wood are pretty easy to make. The wood can be found in any number of trees within the game’s various forested areas. Head out with any grade axe and chop some wood. It’s a good idea to bring as much back to your base as you can carry. This will cut down on return trips to gather this basic material. The Iron is a bit more complex.

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You need Iron ore, which is most commonly found in the crypts inside Swamp biomes. You’ll need a swamp key before you can access the crypts. You will have to fight your way in and grab as much iron as you can carry, through the horde of undead. It’s a thing you will need to do to progress in the game, so get geared up and run in. Once you become adept at fighting your way through the halls of these zones, it’s much easier to farm for iron.

Leather scraps can most commonly be farmed by raising boars, making this probably the easier part once you get a solid base up and running. Finding boars out in the wild is the best approach in the earlygame.

Once you have everything, get to making the Silver Knife in Valheim and you’re done.

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