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Stardew Valley’s multiplayer update is finally launching

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Mode Release Date

Developer ConcernedApe has confirmed that the multiplayer mode for Stardew Valley will finally be released to the public on August 1. The mode has been in a public beta for the past few months, after a much longer period of being loudly demanded by fans.

The one downside is that the mode is currently exclusive to the PC version, and will arrive on the other versions of Stardew Valley at a later date. This means farmers on PS4, Xbox One and Switch will have to wait a while to share their farms with friends. PS Vita owners won’t get the feature at all, unless something major changes in the future, which I wouldn’t bet on.

As far as how the multiplayer mode works, it’s basically the same as the base game. You and your friends can undertake all of the farming, selling of produce, and crafting that you can in the singleplayer mode. You can even make a wedding ring and marry one of your friends if you’re feeling into that kind of thing. There’s also a chat box, custom emojis, and the ability to tweak the game’s difficulty.

There’s sure to be plenty of new maps and other mods for the game when the mode launches next month, so check out the Steam Workshop and see what tickles your fancy.

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Additionally, a new trailer for Stardew Valley was released to celebrate the release date announcement for multiplayer. You can check this out at down below.

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