How to repair weapons and tools in Grounded

How to repair weapons and tools in Grounded

Over time in Grounded, your weapons and tools will slowly break down. So in addition to all of the other challenges you will face, there’s another layer of nonsense to deal with. The game is very fun, but dodging the spiders, ants and other threats can be hectic. And with everything happening, you really don’t want your tools to break. Because if that happens, you have to craft a whole new tool from scratch, and that sucks. So to keep that from happening, you need to constantly repair weapons and tools in Grounded.

To deal with the process of repairing weapons and tools in Grounded, you will need specific resources. The most important item to repair weapons and tools in Grounded is Quartzite. You need to make sure you have quartzite in your inventory to repair your tools or weapons. You can find this in a few places, but the best ways to find it are outlined on the map below.

Where to find Quartzite in Grounded

Head to the northwest of the first field station to find the first veins you can mine. You need at least a Tier I hammer of some kind to mine Quartzite, so bring that along before you go. The item can also be found in various small caves, like the one nearby to that weakened laser you need to bypass early in the game.

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The amount of Quartzite used to repair a given tool or weapon depends on a couple of factors. The Tier of the item affects that, so the higher-tier stuff consumes more Quartzite. You will however use the same amount of resources to repair a tool or weapon that’s extremely close to breaking, even compared to a barely used one. So always try to have some Quartzite on hand to repair any damaged items before they break. It seems to be that the best time to repair an item is just before it’s about to break, since you use the same amount of resources at any point.

There will always be a need for bigger and better tools as well. Check out our crafting recipes guide for more ideas on what tool upgrades you should focus on.

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