How to farm intel in The Division 2

How bounties work in The Division 2

As you undertake Bounties in The Division 2, you will notice that you need intel to unlock certain targets. Target intel is a vital resource that’s required to get a steady supply of. There’s a weekly refresh that gives everyone 50 Intel as a baseline, but you’re going to need a lot more. So with that in mind, here’s a guide on how to farm intel in The Division 2.

Exploring around the map of Washington D.C. you will find a few different sources of Intel, so it’s best to keep checking all of the ones you find. Keep in mind that Intel is not a guaranteed spawn, so keep coming back for more. And since you’re going to be doing plenty of bounties, you will need plenty. If you fail to take down the bounty, it remains in the district, but the Intel spent on the mission will be reset.

There are three primary locations to look out for on the map when it comes to finding Intel in The Division 2:

  • Control points
  • Bosses at control points
  • Random events on the map

Control Points are a common point of conflict, as factions vie for control, these locales will flip back and forth. When you find a control point when exploring the map, fight off the enemies and grab control. After you conquer the control point and gain access to the supply room, go inside and the intel will unlock as a reward. To find the intel, look for the orange marker similar to any loot chest.

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Sometimes these control points will have unique bosses within the area, killing these bosses can also cause drops to happen that show more Intel.

Each week there are also weekly and daily events and bounties that can boost your intel, so be on the lookout for those. These reset with the new bounties, so be mindful of that.

Unknown Activities are the last major source of Intel. These locations will show up on the map as question marks, so keep an eye out for them. The Division 2 will spawn these randomly, so it takes time, be patient. The actual mission type will vary a lot, they can vary from having to disable propaganda, rescuing hostages, or killing unique targets. Completing  these missions grants an Intel drop and some loot.

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