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Path of Exile showcases new Divine Ire effect and some cool Hideouts

Path of Exile has made a habit of pushing out new content and community spotlights every week or so, and this week is no different.

And now, this week we’re getting few insights into some new microtransaction effects that players can enjoy. This newest addition to the already bursting-at-the-seems cash shop on the POE site applies to a newly introduced skill that fans of the game are affectionately calling the “Kamehameha” skill. That skill is Divine Ire.

Divine Ire is a channeled skill that delivers a beam attack of pure energy that levels enemies it touches. And it’s already pretty cool looking as it lashes out with a beam of holy light. Now, Grinding Gear Games has revealed a new and much more sinister looking Divine Ire with the Automaton skill skin. Check it out down below in the preview trailer from GGG.

But that new skill effect isn’t the only thing GGG has introduced in this weekly set of updates. The company has now shined the spotlight on a handful of really creative and interesting Hideouts that players have created in Synthesis League. The Hideout system allows players to tweak raw templates with a variety of decorations, tilesets and items to craft some really intricate custom homes in the hostile lands of Wraeclast. And because of how flexible the system is, the POE community has made some extremely impressive setups, and Grinding Gear Games loves to show these creative endeavors off.

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Check out some of these spiffy new Hideouts down below.

We are always looking for interesting and unique hideouts, so make sure to submit yours to the Hideouts forum section!

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