How to get the upgraded bandage in Grounded

How to craft a Chopping Tool in Grounded

For a game all about bugs, Grounded is a ton of fun. Although if you’re an arachnophobe, you might want to turn on that mode in the options to replace spiders with cute little blobs. You will still have to do some rough and tumble fighting as you deal with ants and other threats though. There’s tons of crafting in Grounded as well, so it has more than just combat.

But regardless of how careful you are, you will take damage. Spiders and Bombardiers will chase and harm you. Ants love to fight you if you’re threatening them. THere’s a ton of ways you’re going to end up wounded in this game. And to really heal these wounds, you need the upgraded bandage in Grounded. Here’s what you need to do to get it.

How to get the upgraded bandage in Grounded

First, you need to find the Anthill BURG.L Tech Chip. It’s found deep underground in the middle of the map. Open up your map and go west from the Mysterious Machine. Out in the middle of nowhere, there is a hole that leads underground. You will want to get your hands on the Ant Armor set so you can infiltrate the nest without being attacked as much.

The chip is found down inside the ant colony. Take that first left after venturing inside and then you will see a clump of roots hanging down the wall, that marks the way to go. Just keep moving and ignore the ants as they try to scare you off. Go down the long tunnel after the roots and keep the wall on your left. You will eventually see some square stones in the wall on your left.

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You will then come to a room with multiple split pathways. There are two paths to the left, one with glowing green further down the path, and one without. Dodge the two ants in here and take the left-hand tunnel further away from you. You can find the BURG-L chip lying against the wall, straight across from the entrance to the room.

Get the Anthill BURG.L Tech Chip in Grounded

You need to get the BURG.L to the Oak Tree Lab and then research the next upgrade. The upgrade you want is called Fiber Bandage Efficiency and it costs 3,000 Raw Science. After it’s unlocked you can upgrade your bandages to use with only one sap and plant fiber.

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